Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mediafire Sucks: Now What?

Music Ruined My Life is not ending just because Mediafire gutted its collection of out-of-print/never-in-print rarities. We are, however, considering, what comes next. After all,  I was crushed when MassMirror died in the early days but that loss ended up being a good kick in the ass for me. So post-Mediafire, there are a number of questions that need to be sorted through.

1. What does Mediafire do next?

Does anyone know how Mediafire proceeds after they lock your account? Do they delete your account or your files or what?

2. Does MRML need to offer regular downloads?

I think of this blog as one that spreads unavailable music to people and hence the downloads have always seemed important to me. Are they to you? Would you still visit with less links? I make a point of regularly writing posts with no downloads and they receive a comparable number of visitors and as many, or more, comments than the download-laden posts. What do you think?

3. What is the best site for uploading files now?

The last post on my hosting problems (see HERE), generated a flurry of positive and constructive comments. The bulk of the suggestions centered around what places are now viable that Megaupload has been shut down and Mediafire and Sendspace have buckled under. I'm not looking for a sleazy site that pays people to upload illegal content  - just a place that allows the unavailable to become available. Mediafire was once a great site and I never really resented them for removing content they considered  'grey'.

Here are some the of alternatives you suggested :

great place for uploading individual songs but it has a storage limit  of 5GB of which I'm half way to just by sharing a song or two here and there.


For no reason they closed my free account years ago but many of the links are still alive today. 

One of those 'reward' places...

Interesting possibility but everyone who d/l's needs to have an account with 4Shared

A Drive
A pay site. Not to whinge, but I spend enough of my time on this blog that the concept of spending cold hard cash to continue just seems perverse. Would MRML readers be willing to foot the cost of an account at this or any other site?

A bit of a mystery...

Your specific thoughts on these (or other options) is needed.

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There's another round of questions to come but worry not, we'll be back...


  1. Dude ,I left a comment to you last week . Try ,a new upstart filehoster,no frills. Or ,the internet's library ,nothing is ever deleted ,and you can post anything ,in any format. Both sites are free and safe. The guy at ,told me he will soon be making improvements to his site ,for uploaders.Currently ,you simply upload ,and are given a link to the file ,to copy and post ,with no way of going back later ,and checking the file.Kinda weird ,but I'll see what happens.Thanks for all the great stuff you post,and keep going ,man!!!Oh yeah ,Fuck Mediafire!!! destined to be the next megaupload,it's a government conspiracy ,to stop free music sharing ,and battling music blogs ,with porn blogs!Are the filehosters paying the porn sites to sue the music sites ,as spurred on by the music industry?My blog is like me lending my friend my new tape or record or cd ,to listen to.Fuck Mediafire!!those fucking pricks can suck the festered ,diseased cunt of the music,porn,and government industries ,and then fall thru their own assholes ,and break their motherfucking necks!!Fuck them bitches ,We Can Do It!!!Keep it going ,Fight the powers,and tell 'em G O D sent you!!!

  2. I'm still signing in to my mediafire a/c via IE in the vain hope that the files will stay active. It can't be long before they start closing them down.

    I've gone with Divshare for the blog sharing
    storage is 20GB (not 5GB) & like a puppy it's for life (not the usual - if the file hasn't been d/loaded in 30 days it's gone)

    Saying that I've also been using 4shared with others (don't really like it - it's a bit slow & awkward to get around)

    Best I've found for short time sharing is (It's major drawback like a few others is that it doesn't show the amount of downloads [or even if the person you have sent a link to has downloaded it] - which is a pain)

  3. I recommend file mirrors for a start. and both have free accounts to track your links. promises to have accounts soon.

    Rapidshare is deadly slow now that they don't have to compete with MegaUpload. I know of several services that offer fast uploads and downloads. The download time for a 200MB file can vary from 3 minutes to 150 minutes depending on who you choose. Uploads are even slower.

    But file retention for free accounts is horrible. Usually 30 days. I wouldn't pay for a service until everything settles down. What if you had paid up for FileSonic and a week later they disabled file sharing? And what are you paying for if they can delete your files without advance notice?

    Personally, I think readership will quickly drop 50% if downloads slip beyond once every two weeks.

    Email for a chart of who's fast and who's slow.
    4_steps_from_the_blues on that Y! mail service.

  4. I can't upload to my media fire account, but as far as I know links are still alive????? Had nothing emailed from 'em so I dunno whats going on with my stuff, still probably only a matter of time. Shit didn't know that about 4 shared, people having to be members, bollocks uploaded my last post to there. I's all bollocks!

  5. Jeffen, you might want to look into Minus or Hulkshare. Or create a new MF account &/or use MirrorCreator. Symbol-driven links in comments or via free text & gibberish file names help.

    Sorry about the lockout, I have no idea what they do with files. F*ckers. Why would or should they care about your OOP rarities?

  6. Hi Jeffen, sorry about what happened; I'm all to familiar with your pain. Especially, since recently; I signed on for a years subscription with Mediafire. I supposed it's just a matter of time before I get whacked again. Here's a thought for you; if you recall, a while back; before any of this shit started happening. I attempted to go with Go-Daddy. It was cheaper, with a big amount of storage, and a large amount of bandwidth. The only problem was, at the time I was using thier hosting to store my files for my Blogger site; which was not allowed. I would have had to create a new .com domain site with wordpress; which they provided; storage was only for the site they were hosting. I cancelled my subsciption, because I was unwilling to create a new site. If I only knew all of this was going to happen; I would have said goodbye to Blogger in a second. Anyway, I'm seriously considering revisiting that idea again, and just starting a new site all together. I'm not sure, but I think that may be a long term, and cheaper solution to our problem. If things stay the way they currently are, we can jump from service to service; but I'm afraid they will catch up eventually. I'm not 100% shure this is an air tight solution, but I'm going to look into it again; and if not Go-Daddy, thier may be other alternatives. If that's not going to work for me, and I get hit again; I guess I'll have to wrap it up. At any rate, no matter what happens with me; I hope you keep going Jeffen. I may not always comment, but I've got alot of enjoyment, from your blog over the years!!!!!!! Thank You

  7. I don't know Jeff - that's my simple answer.

    What about ? pretty fast to download from by today's standards.

    Don't worry mate. I'm sure you'll soon be smiling :)

  8. If you're not sure if your files are active or not ,search them on it will say file no longer available ,if the link is dead.fuck mediafire!

  9. This sucks all around. I am sorry I am not computer savvy enough to offer solutions; I can only offer my support, and say that your blog is one of my favorite, consistent stops on the internet.

    I hope that you can find a way to keep doing it.


  10. MediaFire was good because you could download more than one file (one after the other) as a free user. Sendspace does the same but I'm not that familiar with them. I have a bunch of hosted files at Divshare as a free user and they've been up for years now.

    I pay for Depositfiles and Rapidshare and both are fast downloads and a lot of other people also use them. Sometimes I download for free with Megashares and the file comes to me faster than anything I've ever seen. Their slots for the US get overloaded so it's not a good choice for consistency. I think the few times I've had to use Crocko for a free file it downloaded so slowly I gave up thinking it's on it's way. The same with other off-brand hosts.

    Maybe if you kept new files active for a set time you won't hit a maximum or get in trouble with a host like Rapidshare. Not that I know what I'm typing about but it's a vague idea I have from much experience downloading.


  11. Have a look at works for my blog a treat!

  12. I mentioned FileFactory. It's commonly used on the Guitars101 forum I regularly visit, among other places, and seems to be a viable alternative at this time. I've had no complaints.

  13. i've been using sendspace since my internet provider(VIRGIN MEDIA)has prevented me from uploading to my mediafire account, tho i'm not sure how long the links are active or if it's worth reposting the links i lost via MU. it's a dying shame because file sharing isn't killing music, it's the lifeblood !!! :))) xx

  14. I've just discovered that I can access my MF account through IE but not Firefox or Chrome.

    Can you not open another gmail account & use that to access a new MF account.

    Password protection should help especially if you don't have obvious file names. I tend to password protect a zip file & then re-wrap that in password protected RAR file.

  15. As a regular reader and occasional downloader (and even more occasional commenter), I'd just like to re-iterate a lot of the above comments - part of the experience with sites like yours is the ability to be sparked off in different directions from what you're used to, whether that be music, literature, whatever, so I'd still read even if you didn't post downloads so often!

    Rapidshare files seem to take an eternity to download these days and of the other alternatives, I've used hotfile which limits the number of files you can download in a particular period. seems to fluctuate more according to time of day than some other sites. As someone has commented though, it's what makes it easier for you that counts!


  16. The options available seem to be dwindling.
    My mediafire account was stripped of uploads and I got a few emails from lawyers representing people like Madonna.
    Not sure what they had to do with uploads of unsigned bands like Filthy Little Secret from Glasgow or long deleted stuff.
    I could have argued the case with them, but found it pointless.
    I was disgusted with mediafire for removing all of my uploads without even checking if any laws had been breached.
    My hits have steadily climbed regardless of there being no downloads though and of course I'll still be reading in the future with or without downloads.

    1. What did those "e-mails from lawyers representing people like Madonna" say?
      That sort of thing is worrisome...

  17. I don't think every post needs to be a download but I do enjoy getting stuff that I missed or lost from time long ago. One upside to the 4Share account is that it is free so just use a dummy e-mail address and go to town.

  18. Why not take a spare computer and set up your own FTP file server. It's actually not too complicated to set this up. That way you have total control of your content and users.

  19. So sorry for the troubles-- I enjoy the downloads immensely, and though I don't get to this website as often as I should, I've found some incredible stuff here that is literally next-to-impossible to find anywhere else, as .mp3, and much less in print!

    Ironically, just today I have been scouring the internet for the powerpearls series (tragically, I lost all but vol. 6 on my hard drive). You literally appear to be the only man/woman/entity on the internet who has hosted them online. The records are hard to find and way out of my price range. :( Hope you come back soon!

    ps- if anyone else has any leads on powerpearls I'm all ears....

  20. Have you thought about Zippyshare or Jumbofile?They are good for us freeloaders,good speed,t'boot,but I don't know about the hosting side.
    Just a thought.

  21. Another share-site suggestion,and one that actually pays you, apparently,(does involve adverts etc...but) Cram it in.
    as far as i can see its free up to 100gbs.
    I'm trying it out myself, after i discovered A drive deletes your files after one month if you don't pay 'em.

  22. Not much help but just letting you know that I tend to read here more than I download. I have a tendency not to go back to blogs that just provide artist/title and download site because I prefer some sort of context which is where I feel blogs like yours win.

  23. I have a Hotfile premium acccount; doesn't cost much; service is EXCELLENT. Never had a slow DL speed, etc.

    I recommend using two services for ALL posts, so that if one goes down, you & your readers then have a backup.

    Good luck!

  24. Free, no waiting and fast downloads:


  26. Yeah mediafire is suck now... i'm fedup with them now too much shit!

  27. This is one thought that i have regarding mediafire. If you dont put the album names as your file names i dont think they can track what it is. Like instead of putting The band Hot water Music just use hwm nd no one can say what exactly it is... and maybe you can just create a new email address and make a new account for far as all your old links im not sure maybe reup upon request.

    just a thought it maybe a day late and a dollar short but hey


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