Saturday, April 7, 2012

Terry Malts: Killing Time (2012)

This band went from a Smiths-ish incarnation under the name Magic Bullets to a Buzzcockin' one named Terry Malts, which if nothing else proves these San Franciscans have a love of all things Mancunian. (Perhaps their next incarnation will be as e-dropping psychedelic-dance-rockers).

While Pitchfuck may dismiss this band for perceived retro-activity (though they just caught a break from NPR), maybe the ever-fickle British press will get Terry Malts synthesis of various strains of independent guitar rock of the last thirty years (c86, indie-pop, new wave, pop-punk et al) and anoint them the next Kaiser Chiefs.

Slumberland Records



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  1. It would seem that Pitchjoke has no time for some great little songs without bland post-Belle & Sebastion gimmicks attached. I, for one, am very surprised.



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