Thursday, April 26, 2012

Watch One-Nine-Nine-Four (Pop-Punk Doc.) FREE!

The makers of this flawed-but-fascinating documentary, One-Nine-Nine-Four interviewed a slew of nineties punk icons (Lawrence Livermore, Tim Armstrong, Fat Mike, Billie-Joe Armstrong, Dexter Holland Brett, Gurewitz, Greg Graffin and 2/3 of Blink 182. Sure the flaws are real - Tony Hawk is a weak narrator and the emphasis on Epi-Fat bands like Pennywise is too heavy - but it's a fascinating watch anyway.



  1. I become thankful my blog doesn't get a whole lot of comments whenever I read youtube comments, which almost always make me feel like poking my eyeballs out so I will never read them again.

  2. Yeah I bitch and moan about comments and then every once in a while I realize how awful so many comments are, not just on YouTube but on many news sites as well and I calm down.

    Thanks for adding some words to this lonely little post!


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