Saturday, May 11, 2013

MTL PUNK: The First Wave (1977-1980)

When I interviewed director Susanne Tabata (HERE), we both we debated the same question that I soon repeated with Winnipeg Cinematheque programmer Dave Barber; "Does any other Canadian city have the the sheer amount of quality period footage to match "Bloodied But Unbowed"? Well, the first city to try and answer that question will be Montreal dans la belle province du Quebec. The preview looks interesting but as with all punk docs, the ratio of back-slapping to actual historical analysis has to be determined before final judgement can occur. I'll let you know...



  1. Thanks for posting the information on this documentary. I didn't know about it until now. I just ordered a copy of MTL Punk on ebay. If it's half as good as Bloodied but Unbowed it will be well worth it.

    Your blogpost has been a real education for me on some great Canadian bands! The Bonaduces were a real revelation for me.

    1. Hey good news all around - especially as turning people in Bonaduces fans is a long-term goal of mine!

  2. still haven't seen this, but now am reminded again, thanks. still no love for the last pogo?


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