Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Toxic Reasons: God Bless America (1984)

Toxic Reasons (more HERE) lost vocalist Ed Pittman after the 1982 LP Independence but guitarist and founder Bruce Stuckey took up the mike and the band recorded the incendiary God Bless America EP.

As if to prove that they they would not flinch in the face of change, the band struck back with three songs every bit the equal of the material on their debut. In fact, the concentrated force of the two-minute-and-thirty-four seconds of "Destroyer", constitutes one of the one of the most deadly blasts in the annals of American hardcore.

A1         God Bless America        
B1         Can't Get Away        
B2         Destroyer

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  1. Thanks TR fans for your comments! You're smaller in numbers than the Powerpearls fans, as far as downloads go, but more willing to say a word of thanks - YOU RULE - KEEP IT UP!

  2. never heard of TR , not everything filters down to australia , but they are my new favourite band


  3. Everything up to Dedication is great,except within these walls...it is only good. Thanks!


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