Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NoMeansNo: Live at Emo's, 1994

This is a great video - thanks Bandit999 - of history's mightiest jazz-punk trio, Victoria, B.C.'s NoMeansNo. This is the tour for the album "Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy, which was their first without Andy Kerr (and their first with Tom Holliston. While in the early days Holliston stayed in the background far more than Kerr ever did that just left more space for the Wright brothers to freak you out!

So what's your take on the post-Kerr era of NoMeansNo? Let us know in the COMMENTS section

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  1. Can recommend Mark Black's book on NoMeansNo, _Going Nowhere_, which gave me the goods I needed about the brothers et al. Thanks for the video.

    1. Yeah I've gotta read that. I talked with the guy while he was researching he seemed okay.

    2. Thanks for the recommendation jbull49!

  2. This is a great video. As for post-Kerr, I think it's just as good. They are a consistent band regardless of album or personnel.

    You have probably seen this already, but here's another great show. It's professionally done, I wish they would offer it on DVD.

  3. I hadn't see that. Cool. Thanks!

  4. tom holliston is talented as hell, but i never thought nomeansno ever had as much going on, live or in studio, after andy left. i love all those guys, but they were truly greater than the sum of their individual parts for andy's years. fuck, live and cuddly is just bewilderingly good, and the live shows i saw from that era were among the best concerts i have ever seen. i think i mentioned in one of your old nomeansno posts that the show they did at the opera house with ultra bide and then alice donut playing before nomeansno came on ranks as the best concert i have ever seen, by three bands in top form. i saw nmn on the tour this video was shot, and i want to say it was at the horseshoe. they were great, but without andy they seemed a little flatter, with less energy than i'd ever expected to see. eh, maybe they just got older, but i still think the interplay between john, rob and andy was where the magic happened.

  5. I agree with some of that view but the last time I saw them with Tom they'd really snapped back.
    My bottom line would be, great band in all its configurations.


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