Sunday, May 12, 2013

Toxic Reasons: Ghost Town (1981)

Arguably Toxic Reasons' (more HERE) singular achievement, "Ghost Town" sounds like what would have happened if Stiff Little Fingers had come from the American Rust Belt instead of the war-ravaged north of Ireland. "Ghost Town" is a throbbing punk-reggae track that evinces despair and fury in equal parts. The Ghost Town EP (Risky Records, NX 5232, 1981) also includes the anthemic "Noise Boys" and the finger-pointin' "Killer".

A Ghost Town 5:17    
B1 Killer 2:13    
B2 Noise Boys 2:40

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  1. Now is the time for your words, if you like what's here leave us a COMMENT!

  2. Toxic Reasons in one my lately obsession,so good band! keep up with the blog,cheers from Greece

  3. I just discovered TR through your previous mail, many thanks for this follow-up! Your blog is great!


  4. yes, more Toxic Reasons!!! love the site.

  5. Saw 'em in MI in '83? Liked 'em so much I bummed a ride with them to their next spot so I could hear them again.
    It was a house show, and even though they were only playing for 25-30 of us they put out just as much, just as well...


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