Sunday, May 19, 2013

Punk Portraits: Chris Shary

As soon as I found the bootleg of FLAG (see HERE), I asked design-man Ian to make some artwork, maybe using a (Raymond) Pettibon image. Ian responded immediately,  "How about a Chris Shary?" 

The resulting cover (or at least the insert!) were perfect because Chris Shary is one the defining visual artists in American punk rock.

While Chris is primarily know for his work with All and The Descendants, a quick Google image search reveals the shitload of albums covers, logos, stickers and T-shirts he's designed.

Chris' love of brightly coloured cartoon graphics with a playful malevolence lurking beneath them mark him as a genuine original.

Sure it's occasionally tempting to curse the man when yet another lackluster pop-punk band slaps a Shary-esque cartoon band portrait on their album, but the price of great art is often mediocre imitation.

Over at his always entertaining Facebook page, Chris is revealing his sketching skills and is racing towards the 200 mark in his Punk Portraits series.

Chris notes, "The rules are I only used Sharpie markers, and did no planning in pencil at all. These are all quick sketches. Enjoy!"

While I did need the labels to ascertain the identity of some of the lesser-known figure in punk history that he's portraying, most these ones I chose for you are pretty much instantly recognizable. 

Say goodnight, Phil.

Let us know what you think of these sketches in the COMMENTS SECTION!

For ~150 more portraits go HERE!


  1. Wow, thanks very much for the kind words. I just do what I do, and it's nice to be appreciated for it. Big fan of your blog BTW.
    Chris Shary

    1. Thanks for the good words. I have a plan to one day do an "The Artwork of Chris Shary" post here but I keep hoping someone more qualified than I will do it first.

  2. Chris his artwork was how I looked for albums when I was a kid it was his art that hipped me to the chemical people when I was a kid 25 years ago as well as many other bands .he is a very nice guy who will answer questions at nauseam (trust me when ifound his facebook page not a day went by that I didn't harass him with some random question .some as important as remember this one picture you drew ? I remeber that one too sort of thing .always friendly always cool be even helped me get incontact with my favorite band of all time which now I talk to a few times a week now .also his art makes the best tattooes .I have the sexiest right leg on earth because its covered with his art cheers to chris shary

    1. Chris is both a great artist and a stand-up guy, which is not all that common of a combination.


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