Friday, July 5, 2013

Brian Plummer: I'm As Guilty As You Are (1981)

Canadian new wave conscript Brian Plummer's follow-up to to his simmering debut No Questions (see HERE) was the rock-steady-as-she-goes I'm As Guilty As You Are (1981).

Sound-wise, Plummer sticks to the reggafied new-wave pop-rock that defined his first album. While the debut's AOR-ish flourishes get less play here, no one's ever gonna mistake this for Damned, Damned, Damned. Visually, this time out the art director plays down the bearded-singer-songwriter angle with a plethora of vertical red lines.

Sefel Records (SEF 1002) LP, Canada, 1981

A1         The Fire-Eater        
A2         (At The End Of) The Monkey Line        
A3         Paper Star        
A4         Lisa        
A5         Caviar Or Ginseng        
B1         I'm As Guilty As You        
B2         Space Instead Of Lines        
B3         The King Of The Jungle        
B4         Such A Fuss        
B5         Steady Rain

Hey, MRML thanks for giving the first BP album a listen, let us know what you think of the second one in the COMMENTS section!


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