Friday, July 26, 2013

Graham Parker The Town & Country Club London, UK Novenber 25, 1988

After yesterday's cool addition to the Graham Parker videography (see HERE), I thought I'd add an even rarer find (originally authored by one, harryc in 2007) of a televised performance on ITV by GP and the Half-Rumour in 1988.

Graham Parker - vocals, guitar
Brinsley Schwarz - guitar
Andrew Bodnar - bass
James Hallawell - keyboards
Andy Maxwell - drums

01 Don't Let It Break You Down
02 Glass Jaw
03 Thunder and Rain
04 Passion Is No Ordinary Word
05 Break Them Down
06 Durban Poison
07 Blue Highways
08 Howlin' Wind
09 White Honey
10 The Girl Isn't Ready
11 Under The Mask Of Happiness
12 OK Hieronymus
13 Get Started. Start A Fire

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