Sunday, July 14, 2013

V.A. Not Just Mandela (1986)

Thanks to BarrieB for donating this rip and scan which this re-up is built around.

Not Just Mandela is a 1986 anti-apartheid benefit L.P. on Davy's Lamp Records that features a rip-roarin' rarity called "Africa" by a Billy Bragg/Neurotics alliance as well as some good hard-to-find tracks by The Housemartins, The Internationalists and Attila The Stockbroker.It's another in a line of politically-inspired British compilations of the eighties we've discussed HERE and HERE.


A1     Billy Bragg With The Neurotics –  Africa           
A2     Real By Reel –  Fighting Talk       
A3     Porky The Poet –  Nobby        
A4     Paul Howard – We Will Win         
A5     Some Other Day –     Bury Your Sins        

B1     Attila The Stockbroker –  The Ballad Of Airstrip One
B2     The Sullivans  –  Falling For Nothing           
B3     Porky The Poet –   Beano  
B4     Internationalists –   Every Fifth Man Is Guilty    
B5     Housemartins –   You   

Hey, you. reader! Let us know your thoughts on this very rare (and slightly earnest collection) in the COMMENTS section!


  1. Your thoughts, views and reaction are welcome HERE.

  2. Hace tiempo que sigo este blog, desde que leí una nota sobre Bob Dylan, one of my heroes, como también Billy Bragg.

    Sigan adelante o si tienen ganas pasen por mi blog. Disculpen las veces que entré y no les dejé comentarios. Un abrazo y les agradezco sus frecuentes aportes.


  3. Thanks Jeffen.Look forward to hearing this.Cheers.

  4. Hace tiempo que sigo este blog, desde que leí una nota sobre Bob Dylan, one of my heroes, así como también Billy Bragg.

    Sigan adelante, vuestro aporte ha sido muy estimulante para mí, y disculpen que no haya dejado mis comentarios anteriormente.

    Si tienen ganas pasen por mi blog.


  5. I am a big fan of both the housemartins and the
    neurotics.Thanks a lot!

  6. Thanks, I have this on vinyl great record. I am an Atilla The Stockbroker fan, hope I'm not the only one

  7. Thanks commneters!

    P.S. Anon - Yup I'm a big AtS fan - saw him in '88.

  8. I bought this when it was new...haven't heard it in ages. Thanks!


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