Monday, July 22, 2013

Springtseen & I

I'm goin' tonight! Anyone else?


  1. Springsteen caters to an anti-Caucasian (even though 99% of his cult members are "white"), anti-American, anti-Capitalism cult of hateful, spiteful & bigoted people.

    His music is a second-rate restatement of Dylan (lyrically) & Fogerty (musically). The price of admission to his cult meetings is adherence to an outdated ideology that is hateful & intolerant.

  2. Speaking of 'hateful', do you realize you've never left a positive comment here? Maybe the spite and bigotry you see in Bruce Springsteen is really in your own heart.

  3. You know the Rev just writes this stuff to get a reaction. Nobody could really believe the ignorance he carefully crafts, unless they were just plain stupid. His writing is too competent for him to be stupid. But I was kinda hoping you'd post some more political stuff one of these days just so I could see what twisted interpretation he'd throw at it, and see the responses to it (which I enjoy for the points of view I hadn't considered or articulated sufficiently). Trolls like Rev, however, will magically find politics even in a post about a singer/songwriter/rock star. Fits with the conservative mindset of paranoia and wickedness besetting all "the good things" in our life.....
    C in California

    1. Yeah, he clearly spends some time ensuring he gets in words like 'intolerant' and 'bigotry' into every comment.
      As for politics, I've had a few things rattling around my skull that are coming - thanks for encouraging that process.


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