Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When Albums Ruled the World (BBC4 Documentary)

This is worth it. "When Albums Ruled the World" is almost an hour and a half in length (like a good double LP) on the rise of the long-playing record. The movie does have to slog through the obligatory Rock Doc cliches ("The sixties, man...") but, slowly, through intense focus on the artists, some predictable, some less so, it builds a fascinating thesis on how the LP became so central to not only rock n' roll but folk, prog, glam, jazz, soul, funk and punk. Along the way some people  I might disdain (Richard Branson, Mike Oldfield, Noel Gallagher) get in some great lines and some people make a great case for getting their own documentary - i.e. Nile Rodgers!

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