Saturday, October 18, 2008

Re-Upped V

Shake Some Action 5 returns to the UK and it swings like a pendulum do. This volume, quite feasibly the series' highlight, just has no weak tracks, though a few do suffer in comparison - bicker amongst yourselves about which ones. This set sounds like of those "Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits" compilations might have, if, instead of being bogged down with gimmicky synth-pop, each track had bristled with jagged guitars, pounding rhythm sections and killer verse-chorus-verse structures. While, overall, power-pop dominates, this album has depth. "Audio, Audio" by the Classics is a Blondie-like update of the Spector Sound, Andy Arthurs gives a hell of a pop kick to the New Wave quirk of "I Can Detect You For 1.00.0o0 Miles", "Love Letter" by the the Step goes for a Northern Soul groove, the Jolt attack "I Can't Wait" like a '77 take on the Small Faces and White Heat's "Nervous Breakdown" explodes like a fully-executed punk anthem should.

Someone once claimed that, "no one hums albums"; but you will now.

Download V. 5


  1. The Automatics! Yes!

    So far, this has been my favourite.

    The Back Seat Romeos and Cheaters have totally got me humming. Thanks for this series of posts. It's been enlightening!

  2. Well, I just finished IV, but I think I'm on the nod...this addiction shit is hard work.

    After Nepenthe's repast I'll be hitting up the rest, but I think my tolerance is increasing.

    I have two players going at once but it just doesn't seem to be enough, I need more...

    ...aah, fuck sleep, I need another fix.

    (your word verification is dabbery...I remember when my usage was just dabbery, then it was skin-poopin', now it's mainline, but I'm working on a musick patch...I should be able to work out some time release, make it 24-7.)

    Thanks, Pusher Man

  3. Biopunk

    Automatics rule - more to come.
    (Glad it all sounded good to you.)


    "Every junkie's like a setting sun - ooooh - the damage done."


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