Friday, September 2, 2011

The New Rochelles - It's New (2011)

Okay so it's not exactly "new" but this Long Beach, N.Y. trio manages to cleverly swipe every Ramones trick they can  - "S.L.O.T.H."  even re-writes "Warthog" to amusing effect - without sounding overly derivative (or worse, like Screeching Weasel wanna-be's). There's a lot of valid questions about the originality of so-called Ramonescore bands but I've long argued if a band like The New Rochelles can bring their own songs and their own attitude to the highly constricted form set down by the Ramones then they can create something almost new - like some kind of punk rock haiku. Check out the blitz-rocking "Did Something Bad" to see if you can get what I'm babbling about:

The band's debut 'album' (12 songs in 14:56!) is available with all sorts of cool deals at the band's label Bright and Barrow.





  1. I think S.L.O.T.H. sounds like Warthog mixed in with Fatso Goes Nutzoid by TBR.

  2. wow- these guys are my my homeboys- and i never even heard of them! Me likes this!

  3. Tyler
    I so thought of that TR song as I was writing thsi post!

    If you go check 'em out - let us know if they rock live!


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