Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bloodied But Unbowed's Susanna Tabata Interviewed

Hey, please come check out my interview with Susanne Tabata, who made the jaw-dropping Vancouver punk documentary, Bloodied But Unbowed.

The Interview is HERE

Bloodied But Unbowed's site HERE

Doug said...
Link to Knowledge Network version of 'Bloodied But Unbowed':


More to come...


  1. Yeah, this looks cool, I hope I get to check out this documentary one of these days. I love stuff like this.

  2. Hey Jeffen

    I have not seen the complete film version ... only the shortened version that was on the Knowledge Network.

    I attempted to order the DVD but the order would not transfer to PayPal.

    Gerry Barad worked at Quintessence Records during those early days.


  3. Great interview. Need to see this documentary.

  4. Link to Knowledge Network version of 'Bloodied But Unbowed':

  5. Thanks for speaking up, commenters!

  6. Jeffen

    1.I note you've got in front of the URL to the Knowlege Network's shortened version of 'Bloodied But Unbowed'.Some folks may not notice.
    2.I have received the DVD from Skull Skates Online Store.About 20 minutes longer.Service from Skull Skates excellent.Being a rather HUGE fan of Art Bergmann it is a bit painful to see him now.But he is still alive and has a very proud musical legacy.



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