Sunday, February 26, 2012

MRR Presents: Turn It Around!, 1987 (now with FULL booklet!!)

To see my list of ten (more) great Lookout Records singles, please visit The Big Takeover!

We'll end the series commemorating the final end of Lookout Records (more HERE), with a compilation that was actually released by the fanzine, Maximumrocknroll. Of course, this 1987 double 7", was compiled by Lookout records co-founder David Hayes ("It was a Gilman benefit paid for by MRR but I disorganized it" he later claimed).  Soon enough, eight of the thirteen Gilman St. mainstays herein would end up on Lookout Records and help to define the label's sound and aesthetic.

In fact the record explains much  much of the nineties, like a vinyl Rosetta Stone. Here we have Operation Ivy single-handedly creating third-wave ska, Sweet Baby Jesus clearing the way for pop-punk in general and Green Day in particular, No Use For A Name setting up the Fat Wreck-Chords dynasty and The Yeastie Girlz sparking the Riot Grrl Revolution. Heady stuff.

A1     Corrupted Morals –  Where Is He?  1:43    
A2     Sweet Baby Jesus –  She's From Salinas     2:01    
A3     Isocracy –  Confederate Flags     2:07    
A4     No Use For A Name –  Gang Way     2:00    
B1     Crimpshrine –  Another Day     2:40    
B2     Operation Ivy –  I Got No     1:15    
B3     Stikky –  Fun On The Freeway     1:49    
B4     Nasal Sex –  Freezer Burn    1:48    
C1     Yeastie Girlz –  Yeast Power    0:35    
C2     Rabid Lassie –  Contragate     1:42    
C3     Sewer Trout –  Wally & The Beaver Go To Nicaragua     2:11    
C4     Isocracy –  ZBHR     0:56    
C5     Operation Ivy –  Officer     1:55    
D1     Sweet Baby Jesus –  Pathetic     1:49    
D2     Crimpshrine –  Rearranged     1:58    
D3     Stikky –  Moshometer     1:23    
D4     Buggerall –  Two Taps     2:25

Let us know your favourites from this seminal compilation in the COMMENTS section (which is where you'll find the Turn It Around link).


  1. Y'know, the only reasonable response to a good post is a good comment!

  2. Maximumrocknroll *and* Lookout! Records...

    *grumble grumble*

  3. always kind of ignored the records MRR put out, but i've been obsessed with Lookout since picking up Can of Pork in 1993.

    dunno how i missed it, but this sounds amazing and is now firmly on my want list.


  4. I'm looking forward to hearing this...

  5. thx a lot *** more early LOOKOUT! stuff in extralarge stereo >

  6. Isocracy-Confederate Flags is MISSING ;)

  7. That Isocracy track is missing from most every version of Turn It Around available.

    You can get it here:

    David Hayes, the guy who co-founded Lookout, pointed me to this as I think he's hesitant to post anything from any record OpIvy appears on (or as they get called "the ska band with lawyers").

    Anyways, booklet! Woo-hoo!

  8. great selection

  9. Any chance of a repost? The URL appears not to be working anymore & I'm really trying to get my hands on that 1st NUFAN track ever (as well as the booklet).

  10. Looking for a repost as well, can't find it anywhere, I do own the double 7" but the vinyl player broken long time ago....


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