Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Toy Dolls: James Bond (Lives Down Our Street) 12", (1985)

For my second list TEN TERRIFIC TOY DOLLS TELLY-TUNES list, please go visit The Big Takeover!

This week MRML celebrated Sunderland, England's The Toy Dolls, a pop-punk-oi trio that have been rocking the world since 1979 under the leadership of singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer/cartoonist/sole original member Olga, by building a list:

 Ten Terrific Toy Dolls Traits:

9. Whimsy
Say what you will about English culture; they can pull of being whimsical without being treacly, a combination of which trips up North Americans on a regular basis. Olga & co. whether musically  or lyrically, have maintained a sense of whimsy without being twee or precious.

10. Consistency
Not a bad album or single [or 12" - like this one!] in thirty years - sure some albums were better than others but Olga's Dolls can be consistent without being monotonous.

A         James Bond (Lives Down Our Street)        
B1         "Olga... I Cannot!"        
B2         Griefsville

Cheerio and Toodle-Pip Toy Dolls fans!!!
This be your last chance to add your own Terrific Toy Dolls Trait in the COMMENTS section (which is where you'll find   James Bond (Lives Down Our Street) 12" link).

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  2. a new one...thanks

  3. I love this song. Toodle pip

  4. Glad you all dug this groove, babies!


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