Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Dodgems: Science Fiction (1979)

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As soon as you hear the spooky keyboards, intermittent saxophone, clever lyrics and neurotic vocals on this single, you'll know you're in late seventies new wave space here:

Brighton, UK's The Dodgems (Charlie Zuber drums, Gary Turner, bass/vocals, Doug Potter, guitar/ vocals, Paul Birchal, keyboards),  who put out two singles on Atrix Records in the late seventies, did this new wave style with a cool mix of futurism and retroism.

A     Science Fiction (Baby You're So)     3:40    
B     Hard Shoulder                 2:15     

Let myself and Roberto know what you think of the The Dodgems in the COMMENTS section (where you can get the Science Fiction single.)

The entire Dodgems output (17 tracks!) is available on CD HERE!


  1. Let myself and Roberto know what you think of the The Dodgems right HERE!

  2. Very cool band... You might want to check out (other Mr Obscure pages are available).

  3. I added those links, thanks to you!


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