Saturday, May 11, 2013

Toxic Reasons: Dedication (1989)

It's possible to label Dayton, Ohio's Toxic Reasons the American D.O.A. Both Alternative Tentacles-affiliated bands were long-running survivors of the early eighties hardcore era who withstood ever-shifting memberships. They also both shared a reputation as road warriors, boozers, political radicals as well as for a fixation on a fierce rocked-up punk sound (with a glaring exception apiece*). Such a a label of course risks overselling the importance of the band's friendship and commonalities with D.O.A. Musically, Toxic Reasons refined their own very aggressive but still catchy style that recalls the harsher English sounds of bands lumped under the UK '82 and the NWOBHM banners.

I saw Toxic Reasons on the Dedication tour and they tore up the place, leaving blood behind despite a crowd far less then they deserved. As for album itself, Dedication is steely manifesto which never gives you a moment to catch your breath.

A1         Payback     2:13    
A2         Apes Of Wrath     2:29    
A3         Killing Game     2:32    
A4         Your Perfect World     4:18    
A5         Goin' Nowhere     3:15    
A6         Ohio     2:03    
B1         Turn The Screw     2:18    
B2         Justifiable Homicide     2:27    
B3         Us & Them     3:10    
B4         Critical Condition     2:29    
B5         I'm Ready     2:03    
B6         Whole World's On Fire     2:03

*Toxic Reasons' post-punk-ish "Within These Walls" and D.O.A.'S mainstreamized "Let's Wreck the Party, both from 1985[!]

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  1. Hey.
    If you love TR, and want to hear more.
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  2. Toxic Reasons remains a favorite of mine from the 80s more so than many of the bands I loved then. While Dedication is not my favorite record by TR is it is my opinion the last great record start to end. Anything for Money onward were too spotty. Independence, Kill by Remote Control, and Bullets for You are the to three best they did. The one factor that always stands out for the record was the production values of the LP. I did Paul Mahern's style but the drums and guitars sound to compressed and small. Dedication needs a big guitar and drum sound. OK, have to run now gotta put a TR record on.

  3. Loved Toxic Reasons, well still love them. Even painted the Toxic Reasons flag on my jacket back in the 80's.

  4. I saw the Toxic Reasons/KGB show in Atlanta in March 1988. I was listening to Bullets for You the other day. Great memories.

  5. I saw them way back in 1985 with the Offenders in Texas. I'd love to get a copy of Kill By Remote Control if you have it. Cheers!!


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