Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jerry Jerry: The Sound and the Jerry (1997)

"A part of me felt Like Elvis, it was not a large part."
Jerry Jerry

Jerry ended his recording career and his contract with Aquarius with a 1997 solo album named The Sound and the Jerry. It's truth in packaging, as the record is the sound of pure Jerry, sans his Sons of Rhythm Orchestra.

While the loss is palpable - Jerry shines with co-writer and a full band - there are a slew of witty moments herein and some nice raw guitar, as on "I, Showbiz".

Jerry's never less then entertaining and fans of his early work will find plenty to grin about here. On this album, Jerry (and his percussionist, Tino Izzo) sounds a bit like an urbane Mojo Nixon, melding cutting wit and minimal instrumentation to a blues-rockabilly-country-folk foundation to great effect on tracks like "Balloons" or "Eyes on the Road".

MRML Readers weigh in with a comment: What do you think of Jerry's solo sound?



  1. Hey, folks
    Thanks for the feedback on "Don't Mind If I Do". Hopefully we can continue the commenting trend on this l'il rarity.

  2. My week, has now been made! Some of my best show memories from back in the day were Jerry Jerry & the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra shows in and around the Hamilton area...

  3. Hello Jeffen! Do you want to exchange links?? I've added your blog to my favorite list. Do you want to do the same with my blog?

  4. For a period of time I ended every mix tape with "Talk About My Dick."


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