Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Clash: Twelve Inch Mixes

"This is Disco Clash..." goes the standard slag, if you want any more you can sing it yourself.

Not much to add that the liner notes below won't tell you, other than this was released in the early nineties, after a re-mix of "Guns of Brixton" and later an ad-sponsored re-release of "Should I Stay of Should I Go" brought the Clash back into critical and commercial grace.

Of course this was the golden era of the cassette single (maxi-single?), so of course this was released on Chromium Dioxide.

Many people have tried their own Clash remixes (see "This is Dub Clash" here), here's another example.

P.S. Thanks to schoolcraftbump for the CD scans


  1. I remember these coming out loads of different bands had these mix things maxi cd's and tapes bit of a cash-in really but good fun all the same.

    I have a new blog Jeff you might find something you like there. Don't expect too much tho' as I am a lazy git but when I do bother it will be good.


  2. yes another gap in the collection gets filled.nice post.i remember having a stranglers 12" mix tape.you dont have that by any chance?cheers old chap

  3. Hey Jeffen, the discussion of Cut the Crap got me nostalgic for my cassette collection and I noticed my copy has a "plaid" finish to it. I'd never seen that on any other CBS tape, have you?

    Just a random bit CtC of trivia.

    Still have the "Nice Price" sticker on my copy of London Calling, too.

    Thanks again for the tunes and kicking off my trip down memory lane!

  4. Excellent post Jeffen. I never did own this one so thanks mate :-)

  5. Marky

    Yeah, I remember sneering off that comp. when it came out but now i kinda wished i hadda copy (damn completists!)

    P.S. As always, you're fine blogwork has been added to the roll.

    Yeah, filling in the crevices in the world's Clash collection - it's a tiny niche but somebody's gotta fill it

    I bought my copy on vinyl, but if you ever scan the tape, I'd like to see it.

    P.S. You are, as always, most welcome.


    Fine words from a man who knows a thing or two about great posts.(Speaking of your work, I'm posting the "Love Kills" 12" and 7" right away, the 7" is not a Longy rip, but I'll link to your version as a tip 'o the hat.)

  6. Where's The Mustapha Dance on this. I remember that from my 12. B-side. Hmm....

  7. Mustapha Dance(the all Toppper,all the time version of "Rock the Casbah) is on that song's 12" but not on any version of this compilation that I've seen.

  8. Got this on cassette when it first came out -- seemed to be released only in Canada (at first, anyway?).

    In any event, THANKS!

  9. Yeah this all over the place in Canada - even the shitty record store I first worked at.

    Apparently being ranked # 1 intensified demand - it's now at 928 D/L's!


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