Monday, May 11, 2009

The Only Ones: L.O.T.

The Only Ones actually debuted in 1977 with Lovers of Today, a single on their D.I.Y. label, Vengeance Records.The A-side, "Lovers of Today" is a little more of the times, with it's faux-kinky picture sleeve and the brazen polymorphous perversity of the lyrics. The intermingling of unrestrained lust and opiates certainly manifests Peter Perrett's Lou Reed fixation, but Perrett had moved past imitation and into a melodic space all of his own. The B-side, "Peter and the Pets", is actually an old song by Perrett's Reedy early seventies band, England's Glory.The song's are flush with power, melodically and instrumentally, and should remind you that you need to go out and buy an album to support these survivors,

MRML Readers: Is Peter Perrett a Lou Reed knock-off or did the student surpass the master?)

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