Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Sweaters: Let Me Out

The Sweaters second album, 1993's Let Me Out, has hideous art and good songs.

"You're playing in an empty bar" leader Pete Campbell wails on "Give 'Em What They Want", and we know he's been there. Then when Joey Shithead (?) grunts along with the mildly political "A Little Bit of Fascism" the band's bar-rock-pop-punk grows rawer. In fact, the shouted vocals and ragged guitars on tracks like "Something" and "The Back of my Hand" (not the Jags song) are reminiscent of some of the hard sloggers of '77 like Chelsea or the UK Subs. And through it all Pete's song-writing stays tight and his aw-shucks attitude remains unflappable.

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