Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sewer Trout: Songs About Drinking

Sewer Trout, with the late Jim MacLean, bass, vocals Hal MacLean, drums Keith Lehtinen, guitar Erik Benson, were an early (circa 1985-1990) Gilman Street punk band.

The band hailed from Sacramento and used sarcasm, hooky, almost folky tunes and plinky bass lines to create a peculiarly original sound.

According to my old Lookout catalog this single, Songs About Drinking,contained a vitally important document called "Is Sewer Trout really the word of God?" but that may be another li'l in-joke, These seven songs are catchy and clever, especially the Dead Milkmen-like cow-punker, "President of the Anarchist Club".

{MRML Readers: Please render your verdict on Sewer Trout in the comments section!}

Download Songs About Drinking 7"

The awful ending occurred in 2005, when Jim Maclean committed suicide

Sewer Trout for President, their other 7", is available at the consistently excellent good bad music so go get it.

P.S. Thanks to knuckles for the images.

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  1. hi, im in a band called "over the top", our myspace is www.myspace.com/overthetop709 you can download our ep for free at http://www.zshare.net/download/585024086f0b4c10/

    i tried looking for an email or another way to get this msg to you, but it seems that leaving a comment is the best i can do

    regardless, listen, enjoy or hate, at least youre one extra person aware of our existence! thanks!

  2. I like commenting on things too late.

    There actually was a lyric sheet / comic book in the form of a xtian tract called "Is Sewer Trout Really the Word of God?" inside. Yay, photocopiers.

  3. id
    Never too late to comment, especially if you ever come a cross a scanned copy of that booklet...

  4. This was the first Lookout! record that I ever bought. I ordered it from the catalog and it took over a month to come in. I have no idea what ever became of that vinyl, but it was the first of many Lookout! records that I would come to love. Rock.

  5. Yeah I've lost track of a lot of vinyl over the years

  6. i am ken thomson. i believe i help record some of sewer troust's frist music. underground studios , sacramento calf. please repley


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