Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sewer Trout: Forgotten Memories...

Sewer Trout's (see here) discography was briefly released on a CD entitled From The Forgotten Memories Of Punks Failed Hopes And Forgotten Dreams Loom..., only to disappear soon after. I bought my copy at this basement record shop in Calgary. The owners had let the band I was touring with, the Paperbacks, crash in their filthy storage room. So, after a fun-filled show at a Tiki lounge, we did some late night record shopping, took a nap, payed for our purchases and hopped back in the van.

Since like so many punk odds n' sods compilations, it cluttered up the good stuff (the two 7"'s, the 10" and the comp tracks) with live tracks and muddy, demoish material. So, back in Winnipeg, I soon ditched it, which I now regret since it's hopelessly out-of-print.

Download Forgotten Memories...CD

(Say goodnight, Jim...)


  1. Love your fuck-up with the link in Fuzzy land... sort of thing I'd do!

    Thanks for providing a much needed giggle on an otherwise shitty day. :-)


  2. Did I leave off the link?

    * does Fuzzy search, turns red *


    I did that real early in the morning with the cut n' paste, damn me.

  3. We can all do that sort of trick... don't ask my wife about what happens when I go to the shop for milk... *blushes*


  4. Well, thanks for letting me know. Honestly if you hadn't left the comment I wouldn't never known about it.

  5. Jeffen, something's wrong the link. Need Sewer Trout. Best, Wally


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