Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Blue Hearts: Train, Train

It may be another catchy pop-punk tune with a repetitive English title and Japanese lyrics like "Linda, Linda" but "Train, Train" is no Nickelback-esque re-write. Instead, as if challenged to top their previous hit, the Blue Hearts (see here) wrote a stunning song that ended up out-selling "Linda, Linda". In 1988's "Train, Train", the chorus is still incessant and staccato but they prettified the intro, amped up the riff and crafted an even stronger, more anthemic melody. Y'know most English-speakers turn a deaf ear to music in another language and that's really to our own detriment.

Train, Train 7"

Supporting the band may be difficult for Westerners but Amazon does stock a few things.

And while the Blue Hearts broke up in the mid-nineties, Hiroto Kōmoto (vocalist) and Masatoshi Mashima (guitarist) have kept at it with great aplomb, as their current band, the more garage-rockin' Cro-Magnons, proves.


  1. Hi Jeffen, this is Jeffro! You share such great stuff, and put it in context so well in your posts. Thanks for helping ruin our lives too! ; )

  2. Hello fellow Jeff (and not one of those Geoff's).
    Thanks for the high praise - I'm always glad to being doing some ruining.

  3. Is it just me or does the melody from that Cro-M's song sound like it's taken from an old hymn? Not a big deal, it's a great tune either way. And if it is, way to find unique source material!

  4. Didn't get much hymn-ness from the song but you're always better at spotting such things than I.


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