Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sicko: My Tribute to the Misfits

(Image courtesy of Crimson Werewolf over at Deviant Art - Sorry!)

For my Halloween trick on you, I'll pause the international punk series, to offer you the first in my intermittent series of Imaginary Singles. Imaginary Singles are album tracks and obscurities, shoulda-been singles, mucked up with badly butchered cover art by yours incompetently. This i-single is a spot-on perfect satire called "My Tribute to the Misfits (Your Sister is a Werewolf Tonight)" by Seattle indie-punks, Sicko. The imaginary B-side is their cover of the Misfits' "Astro Zombies", from a British CD only bonus track from the same album as the A-side, You Are Not the Boss of Me from 1997.

My Tribute to the Misfits i-single

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  1. Thanks for upping this. I LOVE this band!


  2. Sicko is one of those really good pop punk or melodic bands of the 90s that were just so much better than the zillions of other bands crowding that particular field back then. "Boss of Me" might even be their best record. I never knew about this cover of "Astro Zombies"! Thanks a bunch for posting it!

  3. I miss these guys so very much, they were the soundtrack to my teenage years

  4. Anon
    You're welcome. An underrated band for sure.

    Yeah the pop-punk field was so crowded that even a fanatic like me quickly lost track of a band like Sicko. Hearing this song last year got me thinking about them again.

    Arthur Rambo (!)
    I remember listening to that first album a lot and really liking their cover of 'Closer to Fine". You've got a great regional focus going on over at He/Sheattle.


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