Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shonen Knife: Get the Wow

The deliriously happy, "Get the Wow" was Shone Knife's second single from their best-ever album, the now out-of-print Let's Knife.

(Shonen Knife faithfully kicking the shit out of a Carpenters easy-listening classic, not on this e.p., alas)

Get the Wow CD single

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  1. Wooah! them girls kick ass! (like my missus). Got that Carpenters song on a tribute album, and they sound just as good on that video. Must buy some music by them soon...gotta win the lottery one day...

  2. gargoyle
    Now I wanna go and re-buy "Let's Knife". Last time I bought it on my Visa, which would come back to haunt me.
    They sound great on that video and I believe the new drummer is more sexy-cute then cute-cute (like the other ladies).


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