Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Dickies: Just Say Yes

The Dickies didn't die. After moving down from A & M to Restless, they stepped further down to XXX Records in 1990 for one of their many re-births.

This single, the precursor to Idjit Savant (available here) contains the first stone-classic Dickies songs in years ("Just Say Yes") as well as an outtake from 1980 called "Ayatollah You So". The latter track resurrects those hyper-loony Dickies of 1980 and juxtaposes them with the Dickies of1990, proving that the spark of life still roared in Leonard, Stan & co.

Download Just Say Yes CD single


  1. another great Dickies post! I and the wife caught them for the first time ni 95 or 96. Leonard mentioned during their set it was only the second time they played in Dallas. The first being during the early 80s. They played just about every Dickies song you would want to hear. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks AND you are welcome.
    The Dickies tour just enough to remain visible but they never so much that they wear out their welcome.


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