Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shonen Knife: Riding the Rocket

Let's just settle this right up front: yes, Shonen Knife were cute and yes, there was a massive novelty appeal to these Japanese women playing ultra-simple guitar-pop.
Now as for what's sharpest Knife? It's the 1992 album Let's Knife. Yup, the Major Label Debut with 'translated' English lyrics and hi-fi production. To many of their earliest fans that album is seen as watered down but actually it shows off their Shangri-La's-Ramones hybrid to maximum effect. Not unlike the Blue Hearts, Shonen Knife used the Ramones as a basis for their own twisted vision of pop culture, matching outfits and all!. "Riding the Rocket", was the first single from Let's Knife and it's full of vintage sci-fi sounds, Cheap Trick echoes and that unforgettable chorus:
Uka boo, uka boo everybody uka boo
Uka boo, uka boo, space walk, uka boo
Uka boo, uka boo, let’s do the uka boo

The CD single, has a few charming bonuses, including a different version of "Burning Farm" as well as a space-surf instro called "Milky Way".

Riding the Rocket CD single

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  1. Dude, how come you don't link to me on your sidebar anymore? I still link to you....

  2. Biopunk
    Still considering posting the whole album now that I know it's out-of-print.

    The problem is not that you're not on my blogroll (you are, as always) but that the new fancy Blogger widget imported the wrong BP link (Hence why you were at the bottom of the page before.) I think I fixed it. Keep me posted.

  3. *sigh* Sometimes I do miss the good ol' 90's. Guess I'm getting even older than I thought.

  4. Now y'see kids today just don't 'ppreciate Japanese women playing punk-rock-girl-group songs about Barbies and Choco-Bars.

  5. True story: I've seen Shonen Knife in concert twice, and they are still slightly shorter than me even while standing on stage.

  6. My wife (who sings along to this song in the car) laughed like hell when I told her this story.


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