Friday, October 9, 2009

The Dickies: My Pop the Cop

That fact that the kiddie-punk veterans the Dickies ended up on Fat Wreck-Chords, the label that got rich on their idea, is most fitting. After all label boss and NOFX mouthpiece Fat Mike's other band Me First and the Gimme-Gimme's are almost a Dickies tribute band. The Dickies' 2001 Fat album, All This and Puppet Stew justifies their album-a-decade policy by eschewing the Fat Wreck-Chords standard strategy of putting out the exact same album once a year and then going out on the Warped Tour. Instead, this album sticks to the rules laid out by their last album, Idjit Savant, of being a clearing house of L.A. pop history, somewhere between the fey-pop of bands like the Quick and the pummeling punk of bands like the Weirdos (each of whom shared a member and a song with the Dickies).

One stand-out is, "My Pop the Cop" which could be an old Allan Sherman novelty number but isn't. For a fevered 2:20 song, it's packed to bursting with sound effects, hummable guitar licks and catchy hooks. Flip the record over and you get the other side of the band, the power-pop wusses that kept "Pretty Please Me" alive, with the, kinda lovely actually, "Marry Me, Anne".

Download My Pop the Cop 7"

Supoort the band!
Update: Live Dickies footage at Punk Friction click NOW!


  1. Great stuff again Jeffen. That Dickies post is done now btw if you need it mate.

  2. No offense anonymous but that's the weakest trolling I've ever seen. Time was when trolls spewed inflammatory rhetoric behind a safe wall of anonymity, now they can't even be bothered to use capital letters or periods - never mind the read the post they're commenting on.


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