Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dickies: Live at Wellingtons

Yes, the 1982 Dickies show I missed (see here) and lied about seeing has passed into legend as one ass-kicking bootleg. As Winnipeg scenester and scribe Vom Doom reminds us, this bootleg sounds so damn crisp and clear because a certain caustic record store clerk recorded one channel direct from the soundboard and the other channel from a PCM mike hung from the ceiling. (And that's pretty technical description by MRML standards). The Dickies recorded works may become slightly dodgy after their heyday but their live shows always rock like its 1979. Here, the band plays an astonishing set of originals and covers both old and new, including a pile-driving version of "Solitary Confinement" by the Weirdos, whose Nicky Beat was on the drum seat for this tour. Now I'll always know what I missed.

One warning, the nigh-on infallible internet may decree that this show is from 1986 but that's bull and not of the papal variety either. Trust me, I have it on the authority of people who actually got into the fuckin' bar (there's lots of token Winnipeg references in Leonard's well-rehearsed stage-banter) that this is the 1982 show - the only time in the eighties that the Dickies played here.

Download Live at Wellingtons CD


  1. Thanks for the Live '82. No doubt this is their best era. Always enjoyed their first 3 albums/CDs. Some of the goofiness wears a little thin at times, and there are some deadful misses here and there, but when they were on, they crafted some primo slices of classic pop-punk (Manny, Stuart, Tricia, etc.). Looking forward to hearing this live slice from their heyday...thanks!

  2. Excellent post! Star status was never lost :-) Thanks Jeff.

  3. I really have been enjoying your dickies posts.I thought I had plenty of them already with all their studio stuff,but you showed me the light.
    I saw them in east lansing michigan once.The show was going great when a guy in full kiss costume comes strutting into the club.They invited him up on stage & started playing 'rock & roll all night'.lol!
    About a minute later they gave him the boot & the crowd passed the kiss guy over their heads all the way out the door!

  4. MM
    I agree that "Stukas" squeaks into the 'great' era and then the problems begin (i.e 2nd Coming and Killer Klowns). That said, it's kinda amazing how many good songs there are on the post '90 stuff.
    You're welcome

    Thanks, Star status has to be held onto by hook or by crook (whatever that means).

    DJ U
    Glad you're enjoying these morsels - we here are at MRML are musical scavengers, forever picking at the carcass for the last of the good stuff...

  5. hey jeffen, thanks for this boot, it is bad ass. im glad i called in sick to work today!!!!!

  6. You're welcome, it turned out my loss was the world's gain!

  7. Best. Post. Ever. Unk Mungani!

  8. You. Are. Welcome.
    (I love talking Comic Book Guy.)


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