Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend Update: Fistfight in the Parking Lot!

Graham Parker continues on Monday, by which time NBC (which allows you to embed if you're American) will have yanked this brilliant fucker down! While watching Grohl go wild never fails to excite, learning that Fred Armisen once played in nineties noise-rockers Trenchmouth was the WTF moment.


  1. O.K., so it's the (Dez) Cadena - (Greg) Norton (Black Flag & Husker Du respectivly) wedding and the band is made up, possibly, of Dez (vocals), Greg (Ginn, guitar), Steve (Youth, bass) and Lyle (Preslar, also...guitar?) Well, you can see the continuity problem. What is the name of the mysterious drummer represented by Dave Grohl? C'mon Hardcore Rock Nerds, put your heads together and help me answer this one!

    P.S: The sketch itself is superb!

  2. fred arminsen has also played (emergency fill in i think)drums with the Mekons, not too suprising as he was married awile to Sally Timms

  3. CPB
    Hate to send you to Brooklyn Vegan for hardcore history but here you go:

    Thanks for the scoop, this just keeps getting better.


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