Thursday, February 4, 2010

V.A. It Came From the Pit

Punk Rock was prophetic: its forbearers were voices in the wilderness, its leaders reveled in ‘the-axe-is-at-the-root-of–the-tree’ proclamations and its followers envisioned a rule-less paradise wherein each believer wrought their own culture. But even fierce prophets struggle with local acceptance; since once their prophecies come to pass they’re left to explain the fall-out. Like that glut of cheap CD compilations that still clog up retail racks, those are punk rock's fault. Before punk, the compilation, soundtracks aside, was primarily an exercise in nostalgia, a history lesson. But punk and especially hardcore would turn those sepia snapshots of the good old days into blurry Polaroids of the near future. The Rodney on the Roq compilations envisioned LA punk’s long desert-march to the pop charts and Bruce Pavit and co.’s American Youth Report, besides being a near-perfect compilation, predicted the riotous growth of the American Underground.

It Came From the Pit, alongside Something to Believe In from California’s Better Youth Organization laid bare Canada’s contribution to this Revelation. Besides the requisite thrashy hardcore acts like Ontario's Problem Children, ICFTP featured the garage rock of Vancouver's Enigmas, the jazz-punk of Victoria's NoMeansoNo, the proto-riot grrl of Winnipeg's Ruggedy Anne’s (coming soon!) and Edmonton's S.N.F.U.' (more here) doing a ripping take on Warren Zevon's "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me So". By accommodating different musical sects, albums like this not only helped ease the underground schism of the mid-eighties, they also foretold a plague of budget-priced punk compilation CD's to come.

It Came From the Pit L.P.


  1. Being a 'Peg city resident I find it quite pathetic (on my part) that it took me 'til two thousand freakin' ten to actually hear the glory of the Ruggedy Annes. My loss.

    And why, pray tell, is there no My Dog Popper on the pop up player? They're the Neighbor Of The Beast, man!

  2. This is one of my fave compilations from back in the day. so many great memories in each song, each sound. thanks for keeping the music alive!

  3. CPB
    I'm not sure I appreciated the Ruggedy Annes enough at the time. It took me till the late eighties to get what they were doing. I toyed with putting one of the MDP tracks (the only two tracks of theirs I like) but they are just so badly dated...

    Keeping the music alive (or maybe on life support) is what we do here. Considering how later period hardcore comps were so jammed with filler it's amazing how this one is pretty consistent.

  4. So you say "coming soon" beside the Ruggedy Annes, do you have their "Jagged Thoughts" EP and if so pleeeaassse put it up. I saw them at Spartan's Hall in 85 (I think) and they were awesome. I've been hunting the internet for over a year now trying to track down a rip of this under-rated EP to no avail.

    And why no mention of Entirely Distorted in the review of this album? Sure the quality of their recording was lacking (to put it mildly) but "Abstinence" is still an awesome song. On the subject of ED I have a rip of their "What Gives" demo with no track info. Any ideas on how to get said info?

  5. Dave
    Can't help with the ED but can promise once I find good cover scans of the RA's ep it will be posted!

  6. Here's one of the front cover if that helps.

    The back cover is a whole other issue. I've seen one picture that is someone taking a photo of the front and back covers and that's it.

  7. Davegeek can you PLEASE put Entirely Distorted up for download somewhere. I have a copy of the demo but don't have access to it. I would love to post it on my blog

  8. Uploading it to Mediafire right now.

    Two warnings though:
    1) it's in m4a format, I'm a Mac user.
    2) there is no track info beyond artist and album title. No song titles. If anyone could provide the song titles that would be great. I've asked two members of ED and neither one has any title info.

  9. Wow, that was fast. Here it is, the Entirely Distorted "What Gives" demo in zipped up .m4a glory. With no song titles. If anyone can get the song titles that would rule.

    And Jeffen, how's the Ruggedy Annes post coming along? Hint hint. Nag nag. I'll start commenting more if you post it even without covers, I promise.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Nice! Thanks Davegeek. I will clean up the sound then post a link. I think my friend had a copy so I will try to get a track listing and maybe some scans. If I remember correctly it was a drawing of a guy waving with a " make toast not war" t-shirt and I'm pretty sure it came with a lyric insert.

    I also have a copy of Ruggedy Annes but again don't have access to it.

  12. Ok, here's a link to the ED post.

    I cleaned up the sound as best as I could and converted to mp3 at a smaller bitrate so the download/upload would be easier. Thanks again davegeek!

  13. Nice example of community at work - I'll try to do my part and post that RA (Soon...)


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