Friday, February 19, 2010

V.A. Hang Eleven: Mutant Surf Punks


Mutant Surf Sounds may like something from within the borders of the Twilight Zone blog but this 1985 compilation has way more faux Beach Boys surf music (a la the Barracudas) then faux Dick Dale faux surf (a la Beach Coma). A wave of fun to be ridden here faux surfers!

Despite the seeming narrowness of it's premise, this mish-mash rips. There's no duff tracks and each band brings a different angle on what we call surf music. As possible highlights, I've included the long-lived Surfin' Lungs rockin' "Who Stole the Summer", the B-girls more Go-Go's-ish "Fun at the Beach", the Ramones-meets-Beach Boys "Surfin C.I.A." by Buzz and the B-Days and, just to mess with chronology, there's Episode Six (who later became Deep fuckin' Purple!!) and their 1966 hot rod anthem "Mighty Morris Ten".


Mutant Surf Punks L.P.


  1. Many thanks for this. Love the B Girls xox

  2. Wow, I had no idea surf rock could be so C86! And thanks for thinking of me vis-a-vis the Episode Six track on the player. Strange how most English classic rockers (Steve Marriott, The Who, and, in the guise of Tomorrow and The Syn, even Yes) started out playing pretty much Pure Pop Rock For Then Kids.

  3. I got this when it came out and played it over and over and over. Loved every minute. Thank you so much for posting it. It has made my week!
    Chris Shary

  4. Carol Ann
    The B-Girls song is awesome as is their track "Alibi".

    That quote is going in the Surfin Lungs post for sure. And while I knew that the "Deep Purple" track would excite you, it did make it on it's own value.

    Chris Shary
    Y'know this was the first time I'd heard this album (though I remember seeing expensive import copies around) and I was taken aback with the consistency of it. Glad to have made your week!

  5. ha my dad is in the surfin lungs, def downloading this

  6. Scott
    Cool Dad you got there. Feel free to tell him we posted this (and one of his old albums) to see if that's a problem for him!

  7. Thank you thank you thank you. One of the best albums I ever had and now i get to grab my ironing board and hit the beach again. Great choice


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