Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend Update II: The Last Record Store

(Definitely NOT the store I work at.)

I've started a new blog about the slow death of music retail, called The Last Record Store. I've spent years working in record stores, as I stubbornly call them, and there's lots to spill. Hopefully you'll drop by and add us to your blogroll, your twitter account, your Blogs I follow list, your Google Reader or, best of all, you'll add your own damn stories in the comments section...

(P.S. Don't miss the punk rock wedding skit from SNL posted earlier this morning, it'll be yanked down soon!)


  1. That's Amoeba Music in San Francisco....

  2. Good to see a little Graham Parker.I bought the 2 CD 'Thats When You Know' at the flagship/now deceased A&B Sound on Seymour St in Vancouver.The 2 floor store was almost empty of customers.In the store's heydey it would be jam packed with customers and often sold 100,000 copies of the most popular albums.It would be interesting to know how many copies of say 'Dark Side Of The Moon' were sold at that store.

    On that particular block of Seymour St there were 4 record stores.At one(Track Records) I faithfully picked up my weekly dose of the NME.

    Oh,yeh I got this particular Graham Parker set because of the Live At Marble Arch Promo album that is included.I still have the original vinyl bought at Quintessence Records on Fourth Ave in Vancouver.

    A request.The only Doug and the Slugs I have on CD is the Slugcology 101(Best of CD).There is a 2LPs on 1CD album(first 2 albums) that is OOP and tres expensive on ebay.Have you seen any Doug and Slugs in cyberpace?Vinyl rips?

    And Graham Parker will be releasing a new CD on Bloodshot Records in the near future.

    Luv the blog.Cheers!

  3. Anon
    Perfect. Thanks for the info

    That's my old store! (I worked on the main floor though). We always had multiple copies of classic rock staples like DSOTM and I was forever filling the bunks back up.
    Track Records, along with Zulu, was my favourite place. I spent hours in each one combing through the racks.

    Doug + the Slugs eh? I have a couple albums tucked away here. Which ones were you hoping for?

  4. Hi Jeffen

    I was the guy with a stack of vinyl at the check out!

    Not sure if there is interest in Doug and The Slugs but the first 4 albums and Doug Bennett's solo album would be nice.First 2 are a must.And Doug Bennett's solo album.

    A post with 'Cognac and Bologna','Wrap It!' and the solo 'Animato' would be excellent.You Tube has some pretty silly videos.

    Doug Bennett RIP.

    I believe I read DSOTM sold 270,000 copies last year.A cash cow?


  5. I'll post a bit and see how it goes, you never fully know what's gonna go down well here,


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