Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hardcore Devo Volume Two 1974-1977

And now the final installment of Devo's (more here) mid-seventies basement tapes via these long out-of-print 1990 Rykodisc collections.

Hardcore Devo Volume Two 1974-1977

For some of Devo's ground-breaking video work, visit the always-excellent Punk Friction.

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  1. Thanks for all the Devo-age! They were one of the first 'alternative' bands I ever encountered, seeing their 'Whip It' video on TV as a kid. They stayed at the edge of my radar for years, until a friend of mine moved in with a Devo-fanatic roommate back in 1990, and the Hardcore Devo stuff hit at the same time. Great (and in my experience, often overlooked) foundational 'punk' band...

    - Scott (The Invalids)

  2. Scott
    I had a class-mate in high school who was a huge Devo fan but he hated the stuff with guitars. Still, despite being a synth-pop guy, he taped all their albums for me.

  3. Long time lover, first time commenter. Repoost?


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