Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Fastbacks: Bike, Toy, Gift, Clock

Almost twenty years ago, August 19th 1991*, I saw The Fastbacks hand Fugazi their ass. The Fastbacks showed the lords of Dischord, who, in all fairness did spend the night in riot control mode, how fresh, alive and thrilling a long-standing punk band could sound. There, in the stultifying confines of a North Vancouver rec center, they outshined the headliners (who'd earned their legend as a locomotive live act with sweat, blood and phlegm) by reeling off one unheard hit after another. After that, I tried to cram their entire history (12"'s, 7"'s, CD re-issues etc.) into one, rainy fall and winter. Never regretted a note of it.

Just to get you started here's the FBX (Kurt Bloch, Kim Warnick, Lulu Gargiulo* plus a drummer, any drummer***) playing live. This show from 1988, lays out the twin-female-vocal pop onslaught backed by BIG ROCK guitars sound ("The Runaways join Cheap Trick and cover Buzzcocks songs" kinda approximates it) that the band would perfect over the next twenty years while ignoring the fashions of each day.

Bike, Toy, Gift, Clock link is in the comments

Speaking of comments, give us you take on the Fastbacks and let us know if you wanna hear more because there is a LOT of out-of-print material floating around!!

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* Also on the Narduar-curated bill: Me Mom and Morgantaler and the Smugglers.

* Lulu Gargiulo was on hiatus during this period.

** Yes, at one point it was future G N' R man, Duff McKegan


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  2. definitely one of my favorite bands ever. saw them play in chicago with Gaunt and The Riverdales... and they blew both those bands out of the water. soooooo good. thanks for posting, hope to see more FBX!

  3. nice...got the fastbacks kickin on the radio and were gonna have fun tonight....
    almost forgot about them!!!

  4. I would absolutley love more Fastbacks!!! I miss this band. They were my first ever in-studio guests when I was a college radio dj back in 1989!

  5. I saw them back in teh day also. Man, what a great band!

  6. Wow -- thanks for this! What an amazing, amazing band. I would LOVE any and all FBX material you care to post!!!

  7. Wow! Can't believe I hadn't heard of these guys before... Obviously Screeching Weasel, The Queers, etc. etc. wouldn't exist without them...

  8. Theodore
    Any band should be afraid to mount the stage after the FBX, even one with Ben Weasel (a huge fan of the band).

    MRML never lets the past die!

    You are a fortunate man - hope you're enjoying the series.

    Yankee Boy

    It's gonna be one of MRML's lonest series - enjoy!

    Hey happy to remind people of the past OR introduce them to it. As said above, Ben is a HUGE fan.

  9. Oh man, I leave the internet for a week, and when I get back, MRML is full of Fastbacks!

    I never saw them when I had the chance. By the time I first heard of them in the mid-to-late-90s, I was stupidly boycotting all bands from the Pacific Northwest due to some personal backlash against all the major label-backed "grunge" that was everywhere then. My loss.

    Thanks for these posts! I can't wait to catch up.

  10. Thank you! I love the Fastbacks! They never got the attention they deserved even though they've been around forever putting out top-notch stuff. Thanks!

  11. Anon
    Yup we're busy beavers, even in summer. Enjoy fixing the mistakes of the past!

    Anon II
    Yup artists who "never got the attention they deserved" is MRML's primary (but not exclusive) focus.

  12. Amazing band I like it. Will certainly visit your site more often now.


  13. The link is dead, can you please reuploading it? :/


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