Friday, August 6, 2010

Fastbacks: All In Order

While I'd argue that 1987's ...And His Orchestra is The Fastbacks finest moment, a good case could be made for 1994's Answer the Phone Dummy which which features some of Bloch's finest songs, like "Waste of Time (unembeddable video here). This 1994 single contains three excellent outtakes from that album (including the title track!)

All in Order link is in the comments:

Speaking of comments, What's your favourite Fastbacks song?

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  2. Thanks for all the FB stuff!
    When I heard "In America" about 15 years ago, I was immediately hooked - and have been ever since...

    Cheers from Germany!

  3. sweet! now i don't have to rip my wife's copy of this. thanks again! FBX FTW!!!

  4. CallPastorJerkfaceAugust 6, 2010 at 9:22 AM

    Great to see you going whole hog on the Fastbacks Jeffen!

    "Answer The Phone Dummy" hit me pretty hard back in the mid-90's. I was blown away by it's vision of "What if pop punk had been around in 1972!?" and desperatly tried to steal it's fire. I ended up with a song called "Bass Solo". Reviews were not kind.

  5. love their version of "Queen of Eyes" by the Soft Boys. Again, first thing I heard by them, and still my fave. Also really like Kurt Bloch's work with the Young Fresh Fellows.

  6. My favorite is 555 parts 1 and 2, although I think I'm pretty heavily biased towards it. New Mansions in Sound was the way I was introduced to the Fastbacks. When I was a kid my dad used to play it in the living room all the time because it was one of the few punk albums he owned that my mom didn't object to along with Combat Rock. (I always preferred the Fastbacks to the Clash for those living room jams as a kid and I still do to this day.)

  7. Yeah, "Answer The Phone Dummy" was great. I was buying a ton of Fastbacks 7"-ers back then and was trying to get as many as I could, but I've never heard this one. Looking forward to listening to it...

  8. all so great...thanks jeffen!

    i had this 7"....picked it up when they played les fouf in montreal while on tour with the presidents of the usa. but i got drunk that night and lost it.

    it's one of the few FB 7s i don't have. i love the band and could go on and on and on. kurt is a huge inspiration to me, both as an artist and a person.

    while i love answer the phone dummy, i have to argue that their last record 'the day that didn't exist' is also a masterpiece that kinda got lost in the shuffle. i encourage everyone to go and check that record out. when the final song of the same name comes on, it always puts a tear in my eye. it's the perfect track to 'sort of' end an incredible legacy that was/is the FASTBACKS!

    all the best and cheers,

    chris page

  9. Thanks, always enjoyed the Fastbacks.

  10. Favorite Fastback song?
    The first songs that spring to mind: Believe me never, Wrong wrong wrong, Old Address of the unknown, The Jester... they did a good cover of Allison (the Pixies song, not the Elvis Costello one).
    It's quite a long list (because these are just the first that come to mind). And it's also quite an accomplishment that they kept making great (and joyeous) albums for over 15 years.

  11. Anon
    "In America" might be the perfect starting song - but there are a lot of perfect starters in their catalog.

    You're wife, if i may say so, has excellent taste!

    Well, my review was good (the title gag possibly excepted) and I remember how much all of us loved ATPD at the time!

    I really should mention the YFF before I finish this (And check out that Soft Boys cover!)

    A cool Dad who dug later period FBX and The Clash! (I would hate to choose myself...)

    Hey you're the master of digging up old nineties 7"'s, so I'm pretty honoured to have found something new for you.

    I always dug the way the Stand GT's idea of pop-punk pre-dated Green Day, Screeching Weasel (much like Bum), so it makes sense that the FBX would be a big influence on you.

    You've reminded me to go back and listen to The Day That Didn't Exist plus get that USB turntable so I can rip those early Stand singles!

    Glad you liked.

    It was a helluva career (over 20 years!) and the fact that the song-writing was so consistent really makes it hard to pick a favourite.

  12. Hey thanks for another great one!

  13. "my letters" is probably my favorite, but there are a few others that i would call my favorite if you asked me on a different day....
    k street, in america, whenever i'm walking, on your hands, banner year, and so on

  14. bryn

    That sounds like a good starting list for their greatest hits album.


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