Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who Ya Callin' A British Chronic?

The truly wonderful thing about the internet age, is that despite our differences in geography, culture and language we can all enjoy a good feud.

In one corner there's MRML, Canadian champions of excellent bands across the decades and in the other is The Lanskies Facebook page which has labeled yours truly, "A British Chronic". They even have a contest about our little post where you can win an L.P. and a ticket to one of their shows. (Can I win a contest that might have been started against me?)

Now language barriers prevent me from knowing a) what the hell the term "British Chronic - damn Babel Fish - means and b) if the Lanskies truly misunderstood my good faith. My question was, and remains, can the British papers recognize an excellent band even if the lead singer isn't as stereotypically photogenic as their more typical media darlings from Curtis to Cobain to Casablancas to whoever the hell was on the cover of NME last week? I hope the answer is 'yes' but if I were betting man I might just take a piece of that "shallowness of the British press" action.

So while I stand by my point, if I've offended, Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble:

Vive Les Lanskies!


  1. I'm thinking British = English. So using PROMT we get 'chronic' from chronique, which is translated back to english as 'column'...

    So I'm thinking it's an "English Column" you have. Like this, not this.

  2. So I'm a column in English - that's not so unreasonable!


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