Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fastbacks: Win, Lose or Both

While a CD with thirteen bonus tracks of 1998's Win Lose or Both is in-print, I needed to post the four-song version because it contains my favourite Fastbacks cover (alongside their version of "Midnight Confessions"). The song in question is "Book of Revelation" by Dr. Frank from his band, The Mr T Experience's career defining album, Milk, Milk Lemonade. There's sometimes an admirable humility in an older song-writer, especially a master one, taking on a song by a comparatively newer writer. A cover that sounds fantastic and underscores the brilliance of the original.

Book Of Revelation

My foundation ever unshaken
nothing but life and devastation
being so together it seemed whatever
till I read your book of revelation
probably I'd be much better off not knowing
but you were so sloppy now your slip is showing
dangerous and jaded self-perpetuated
cute but over-rated
you'd do everything just to look distracted
never unattractive but overacted
it didn't fall apart till I put it together
then just a paragraph changed my life forever
when you know the ending open wide and read it
how you made your bed and now you have to eat it
now I get to keep it all I ever needed
so why do I still feel cheated
I can't believe my eyes what I saw last night
what I know today book of revelation
so now you finally got to say
that you really felt that way
and it hit me pretty hard
and though we've carried it so far
I know that's the way things are today
that's the way they are
I can't make up my mind what I must decide
what I have to say book of revelation

Dr. Frank

Win, Lose or Both link is in the comments

Speaking of comments, give us your take on this Dr. Frank cover.

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P.S. Last in a series of TEN Fastbacks posts!


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  2. This was a great series. Turned me into a fan. Thx!

  3. Where can you find that cover of Midnight Confessions that you mention?
    That sounds pretty good.

  4. Thanks for all the Fastbacks stuff.
    I haven't listened to all of it yet (don't worry - I will); it was also a reminder to listen to my Fastbacks cd's again.

  5. Midnight Confessions is on "...And His Orchestra".

    jeffen - thanks for all the posts! I grabbed a couple of things I already owned on vinyl to save the trouble of digitizing...thanks especially for exposing this great band to a new audience.

  6. ...and thanks for re-exposing the older audience to this music! Cheers!

  7. ...and thanks for re-exposing the older audience to this music! Cheers!

  8. I saw Mr. T and Fastbacks play at Berkeley Square, must have been late 80s and the bands did a lot of commingling, singing together, sitting in on guitar, etc. Super fun show!

  9. Anon
    Thanks, those are the sorts of comments that keep me going!

    Anon II
    See answer below!

    I've been doing some re-acquainting with the Fastbacks too.

    Hopefully we made some new FBX fans...

    ...and re-awoke some dormant ones.

    I'm jealous. I've seen them both separately but think they would've kicked ass playing together.
    (More on MTX is coming...)

  10. Thanks very much for all these Fastbacks posts , you,ve filled in some long time gaps in my collection


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