Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Fastbacks do UK Subs!

In 1993 former Fastbacks' drummer Duff McKEgan's then-current band (Guns N' Roses) did a UK Subs obscurity ("Down on the Farm") on their covers album ("The Spaghetti Incident"). So to prove who knew their UK punk better, The Fastbacks absolutely ripped-through a deep album track and two B-sides ("Rat Race", "I Live in a Car"and "Telephone Numbers") on this 1995 split with Australia's The Meices.

The Fastbacks - I Live in A Car

Fastbacks/Meices link is in the comments

Speaking of comments, give us your review of these Subs covers

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While finishing this off, I was reminded of the fact that Willfully Obscure posted this ages ago in their excellent, on-going series "Splitting the Difference".


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  2. i love this 7"! a great one!

    didn't it come in an issue of GEARHEAD magazine? i'm trying to remember...

    (also, i think the meices were from california...maybe san fran? maybe you're thinking of australia's 'the meanies'?)

    best and cheers,

  3. Am I the only person on the internets who wholeheartedly digs "The Spaghetti Incident?"

    It's admirable for successful bands to pay tribute to their influences, and to try to turn their fans onto the great bands that came before.

    Plus, "The Spaghetti Incident?" was an opportunity for the rest of the band to take the reins. Some of the tracks don't have an Axl involvement at all.

    It's easy to talk trash, and say that the covers aren't better than the originals, but that isn't the point. A covers album is a chance for a band to have some fun in the studio (which GNR probably needed after a grueling 2-year non-stop world tour for the "Use Your Illusion" albums).

    I especially dig the cover of "Since I Don't Have You," partly because Axl nails it, and partly because it's so unexpected.

    I'm probably being too defensive here, but I'll take any opportunity to repeat my love for Guns n' Roses.

  4. I like Meices to peices!!!!!!

    and good for G and R doing the covers. It put some $$$$ into the original bands' pockets.
    And maybe even got some G and R fans into punk.

  5. ha! i have this one somewhere, just not digital. good record. the meices were a decent band, too.

  6. Chris
    That's exactly the mistake I was making - funny that (and yes this is connected to Gearhead magazine.)

    A most excellent defense. I'm no G n' R fan but I remember always being aware of their punk roots and then being really intrigued by TSI(I mean it wasn't just all obvious stuff as The UK Subs cover proved.)

    Yeah, even at the time I remember thinking - "Good for you guys, you racist, homophobic assholes!"*

    *Probably unfair, but it was the 90's, we were all a bit more judgmental back then...

    Glad to have digitized a bit of history for you.

  7. I remember the Fastbacks did another Subs cover, "Time and Matter". I guess you know, but if you don't I could provide a link...I'm sure I've got it somewhere.

  8. If you've got a link for more Fastbacks-UK Subs - bring it on!


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