Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Billy Bragg: Joe Strummer Tribute (2003)

While former Clash-man Joe Strummer seemed to visibly struggle with his agitator personae as he aged, Billy Bragg never has. Perhaps it's has something to do with the fact that when (most of us) first heard Joe, he was yelling, "I wanna riot of my own" whereas the first we heard of Billy he was confessing, "I don't want to change the word...I'm just looking for another girl". Maybe being a lover and a fighter made Bragg's mixing of pop and politics more tenable in the long run. (Cue debate over whether it's better to burn out or fade away...)

This is an audience recording, which not just because it has that you-were-there sound but also because this show is about the audience, who all sing along and mourn together. In this small club setting, with a set laced with his more rabble-rousing originals alongside a brace of Clash covers, Billy becomes less of a performer and more the leader of a rock n' roll wake.

P.S. Interesting Guardian video HERE about politics at Glastonbury this week, need less to say it features a chat with Mr. Bragg


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    Let us know what you think of of this one!



  2. Oh, this looks really interesting. I can't wait to give it a listen! Thank you.

  3. I'm a fan of both billy bragg and joe strummer. cant wait to hear the cover of police and theives and pressure drop

  4. GREAT comparison. love the contrast between the two lines...

    thanks for posting this, as always.

  5. Thanks for leaving some words on this lonely little post guys

  6. Hey Jeffen, I was the booter that made this - thanks for keeping it going.



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  8. This is brilliant! Not some cheesey tribute album just doing Joe's songs but a real tribute straight from the heart as only someone like Bragg could go. Fucking perfect. Thank you.

  9. JOhn
    You are fuckin' welcome!!


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