Friday, June 10, 2011

"I Say 'A' for ABBA, She Says 'A' for Anarchy"

Darren Hanlon is clever, tuneful guy. Some people sneer at clever tuneful guys. Their loss.

"Punk's Not Dead" from his 2002 album, "Hello Stranger" weds clever rhymes and catchy rockabilly-inspired guitar bits to a melody that sticks into your head like a knife.





  1. Oh Christ, I'm trying to get rid of records not add new ones!

    I love the premise of Punk's Not Dead. I think I used to date that woman.

    He doesn't have the best voice, and his accent obscures at least half the words. The music is quite basic for someone who's been at this for more than ten years. All said, it's perfect.

    More, More! We must have all that's available!

  2. CallPastorJerkfaceJune 10, 2011 at 11:57 PM

    That was nice. Somewhat C86 (rarely a bad things in my book) and a little "lite" but still more than worth a listen and a comment.

  3. He is fair wonderful. He can write a simple love song that just hits the spot: Paper Aeroplanes ( is by far the cutest twee/pop love song I know, but his triumph was an album called Little Chills.

    How can you go past a song about Squash???
    Or a video starring Eli Wallach?

    Hope thats some use from this lil' Melbournian.

  4. 4 Steps
    Don't worry we'll never stop inflicting More and More new stuff on you!!

    C86 always seemed to be a little more about hiding the singing and the song-writing behind things like distortion or muddy-production etc etc. but there's probably some shared traits here.

    Thanks for the info and the links, my fave was "There's Not Enough Songs About Squash".


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