Sunday, June 12, 2011

V.A. God Save Us From the USA (1987)

Compilation albums in the eighties, especially ones that were done for the benefit of some greater cause, often wore their musical schizophrenia as a badge of honour. This benefit for Nicaraguan solidarity gives you anarcho-pop-punk from Zounds, spoken word pieces from Nic Toczek, reggae-punk from Culture Shock, socialist-pop from The Neurotics, Welsh-language pop-punk from Anhrefn, weird-core from Karma Sutra, skronk-rock from Some Weird Sin, post-noise from The Apostles, grindcore from Heresy, pop-punk from Dan and novelty-folk from Attila the Stockbroker .

Unlike Punk and Disorderly, We Won't Be Your Fucking Poor or even Underground Rockers, this compilation shows a UK punk scene in transformation. If back in 1987 you weren't all that into mid-period DRI et al, you not only knew a lot of these bands but you also probably wanted to know why they left off The Joyce McKinney Experience.

A1 Nick Toczek – Noo Yawk Squawk / Sheer Funk
A2 Culture Shock – Catching Flies
A3 Anhrefn – Nefoedd Un, Uffern Llall
A4 Dan – Best Of Families
A5 The Neurotics– Never Hold Your Tongue
A6 Zounds – Demystification
B1 Attila The Stockbroker – Libyan Students From Hell
B2 Karma Sutra – Let Them Eat Somozas
B3 Some Weird Sin – God Bless America
B4 Instigators – Eye To Eye
B5 Heresy – Flowers In Concrete
B6 Heresy – Cornered Rat
B7 The Apostles – Inner Space

So did the late eighties, all things considered, have a more diverse underground? Leave us a COMMENT! (Which is where you'll find the God Save Us From the USA.)


  1. IF

  2. I'm loving all the political stuff you're posting lately from the 80s. Saw Attila the Stockbroker back in 89 and again a few years ago at the Vancouver FolkFest. I'm happy it's one of his folk songs and not his spoken word/attempts at rap. The folk stuff is more to my liking.

    Now where's that Ruggedy Annes EP?

  3. Nick Toczek! W00T!

    I must admit I was always more Black Wedge than Red Wedge in my youth.

    Do you have the version of Attila's Holiday In Albania that isn't the one on 'Ranting at the Nation'? The one I'm looking for sounded studio, and I've only heard it on the 'Viva La Revolution!' double album released in 1985?

  4. I'd say greater diversity today, but way less unity!


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