Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bubba Fowler: And Then Came Bubba (1970)

Bubba Flower came to fame as part of sixties-psych-pop band, The Avant-Garde. While his partner in The Avant-Garde, Chuck Woolery, went on to fame as a game show host, Fowler put out a solo album, And Then Came Bubba, on Columbia Records in 1970. At this time Fowler was also a session musician working with producer Bob Johnston and ended up playing on Bob Dylan's Self-Portrait and Leonard Cohen's Songs of Love and Hate. Fortunately for us, it's the influence of the Johnston-produced Blonde on Blonde era (and not Self-Portrait) Dylan that dominates Fowler's songs like "Listen Big City" and "The Pounding Status Quo".  "Lament #1" has the mournfulness of early Cohen and "Joli Girl" sounds like Glen Campbell gettin' a little wordy. While And Then Came Bubba, isn't quite a masterpiece, it's a fascinating listen for Dylan-atics and Cohen-heads or those who appreciate all the strange the cross-pollination of sixties country, folk and pop.

1.  Listen Big City        
2.  Louise (My Cajun Woman)        
3.  Joli Girl        
4.  Sociological Bind        
5.  Next Year This Time        
6.  Pounding Status Quo        
7.  Lament, No. 1        
8.  Messenger of Life        
9.  Yellow Beads        
10. On Tomorrow        
11. Jenny Love


Let us know what you think of Bubba Fowler and his wild ways in the COMMENTS section (which is where you'll find the And Then Came Bubba link*).

*This rip was created by the hand of G O D over at Sluggisha (possibly NSFW), a most singular curator. Thank him for the Bubba!

Update: For more on Bubba, Cohen and true love go visit 1heckofaguy


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  2. When I saw that album cover I was sure your blog had been hacked.

    Good tunes!


    1. What just because Bubba looks like he was trying to get in on Jose Feliciano's market?

      "You know, Jose Feliciano, ya got no complaints..."

  3. afraid to comment in the US - country is owned by the corperations - do not know the correct political idealogical term - they may imprison us for things like this - thank you though - things have changed much here due to ignorance of populance and radicial conservatism.

  4. Here's a long-ass URL to take you to further adventures of Bubba and his bride:

  5. 99 downloads as of 10:30 tonite!!whoo-hoo!!
    thanks ,man!

    1. OOH that's a ten-fold increase.

      Figured my little post might help spread you work.


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