Friday, February 17, 2012

Pinhead Gunpowder (Green Day, Crimpmpshrine): Live

Cover by GloriaWhatsername


Pinhead Gunpowder (named after a very strong tea) are a sort of Gilman Street super-group, the Blind Faith of NoCal punk, if you will. After all the band is centered around uber-sceneststr Aaron Cometbus and prominently features Green Day's Billie-Joe Armstrong and other Gilman/Lookout Records (more HERE) vets. Fortunately, the band always played it low-key - releasing records sporadically, rarely playing live - thereby  avoiding any vestiges of hype. They've released a string of albums, singles, split releases and compilation appearances in their twenty-plus year existence without ever becoming widely-known. The group's songs (mostly written by Cometbus but some written by Armstrong under the pseudonym Wilhelm Fink) consistently offer a cool mid-temp punk with sharp-eyed, narrative lyrics, as this live show from 2010 goes a long way to prove.



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  1. Let us know what you think of this low-key super-group:

  2. I recall that they put out a pretty good 7"...

  3. the first 2 seven inches I still play to this day...."Sometimes it's what you love most that suffocates you..." I still by cometbus whenever I find it.

  4. Saw them once at the Velvet Elvis in Seatle some time in the 90's. Lost interest after that 10" on Very Small.

  5. Brilliant band! If you like older Green Day this is for you. Bill the bass player was in Monsula and the Influents. Thanks for the post! SoCal!?!? That's NoCal Berkeley and Oakland all the way!

    1. Correction made, face suitably red!

  6. Thanks. Sounds real nice too!


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