Thursday, February 16, 2012

Screeching Weasel: Screaming Otter in My Pants (1993)

Okay while readers are still offering some back-n-forth on how damaged Screeching Weasel's legacy is (see HERE), I'll offer a final bootleg of a surprisingly well-recorded 1993 show (circa Anthem for a New Tomorrow). Enjoy...

If you survived the late 80's, this is a pretty jaw-dropping line-up

Track Listing:
1. Veronica Hates Me
2. Peter Brady
3. Slogans
4. Falling Apart
5. Teenage Freakshow
6. Leather Jacket
7. I Can See Clearly Now
8. Every Night
9. Kamala's Too Nice
10. I'm Gonna Strangle You
11. The Science of Myth
12. Mary Was an Anarchist
13. Rubber Room
14. Cindy's On Methadone
15. Don't Turn Out the Lights
16. Ashtray
17. Joanie Loves Johnny
18. Totally
19. Let the Sun Shine In

Let us know you view on Weasel, live dead or zombified in the COMMENTS section.



  2. Got (temporarily) kicked off Ebay for selling bootleg cd-rs of this many years ago. Boy, did I ever learn my lesson. Go to hell Ben...

  3. Like to say thanks for the lookout posts. I haven't downloaded much but enjoy the trip down memory lane. I used to love SW but after "anthem" I lost interest in the band and the man.

    1. Yeah I'm always happy to dredge up the memories - the downloads are just the bonus stuff.

  4. the links is dead.. please please re up!


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