Sunday, February 19, 2012

Classics of Love: S/T (2012)

Jesse Michaels former lead singer of Operation Ivy (more HERE), Big Rig and Common Rider has unleashed a powerful full-length from his new band, Classics of Love.  

After a promising e.p and a strong single, Micheal's & co. have found their fighting form. It's a surprisingly fast and aggressive sound reminiscent of Stiff Little Fingers, Minor Threat, The Adolescents and, of course, Operation Ivy. While some of us listeners may long for even more of the walking bass and scratching guitar Michael's so often incorporates into his music, we can be happy to have his sharp words and mighty choruses propelled by such a fiery band.  (Stream the entire album here)

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  1. Hey...
    So much Op Ivy, Clash and other punk stuff!
    You really ruined (a bit of) my time :D
    really great blog dude! I like it!


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